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SJ Hong / 홍승진

Managing Partner, Attorney at Law / 대표변호사

As a managing partner at DUSON LAW, SJ has been closely working with clients from all over the world. As an Expert Attorney in the Intellectual Property Laws certified by the Korean Bar Association, with his extensive knowledge and experience in the intellectual property laws, SJ has been giving practical advice to clients so that they can focus on business in Korea. SJ served as the Division Head of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Korean Bar Association.


Areas of Expertise

  • Intellectual Properties (trademarks, designs, copyrights, patents, unfair competition)

  • Startups / Foreign Companies and Expats in Korea

  • Crypto Projects (ICOs, IEOs, whitepapers, crypto exchanges, crypto regulations, crypto projects)


  • Sungkyungkwan University Law School (JD), Seoul, Korea / 성균관대학교 법학전문대학원(법학석사)

  • Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering (MS), California, U.S.A. / 스탠포드 대학교, 기계공학(석사)

  • Stanford University, Psychology (MA), California, U.S.A. / 스탠포드 대학교, 심리학(석사)

  • Seoul National University, Mechanical Engineering (BS), Seoul, Korea / 서울대학교, 기계공학(학사)

  • Hansung Science High School, Seoul, Korea / 한성과학고등학교


  • DUSON LAW, Managing Partner (2017-Present) / 두손법률사무소, 대표변호사

  • The Korean Bar Association, the 2nd Division of the IT·Blockchain Special Committee, Division Head of Blockchain Subcommittee (2018-2019) / 대한변호사협회, IT·블록체인특별위원회 블록체인소위 위원장

  • POSTECH Blockchain Executive Program, Lecturer (2019) / POSTECH 블록체인 최고경영자 과정, 강사

  • The Jeju Blockchain Regulation-Free Special Zone, Advising Lawyer (2019) / 제주특별자치도 블록체인 규제자유특구, 자문변호사

  • TES: Token Economy Studygroup, President (2019) / 토큰 이코노미 분석 모임(TES), 회장

  • TheVentures (a startup accelerator), Auditor (2018-Present) / 더벤처스, 감사

  • ARTBLOC, Advisor (2019-Present) / 아트블록, 어드바이저

  • Haive, Auditor (2019-Present) / 하이브, 감사

  • weBloc, Advisor (2018-Present) / 위블록, 어드바이저

  • BlockBusters (a blockchain technology startup accelerating program run by TheVentures), Advisor (2018) / 블록버스터즈 프로그램, 어드바이저

  • Cho & Partners, Associate Attorney (2012-2017) / 조앤파트너스 법률사무소, 소속변호사

  • Stanford University, Dept. of Psychology, Stanford Vision and Perception Neuroscience Lab, Research Assistant, Stanford, Calif., U.S.A. (2006-2008) / 스탠포드 대학원 심리학과, 연구원

    - Research Paper: Golarai G, Hong S, Haas BW, Galaburda AM, Mills DL, Bellugi U, Grill-Spector K, Reiss AL (2010), The Fusiform Face Area is Enlarged in Williams Syndrome, The Journal of Neuroscience, 30(19):6700 – 6712




  • Korean Bar Association (2012) / 변호사(2012)

  • Korea Patent Attorneys Association (2012) / 변리사(2012)

  • Certified Expert Lawyer - Intellectual Property Laws (Korean Bar Association, 2016) / 지적재산권법 전문변호사(대한변호사협회)

side projects


Korean, English

Steve Lee

Of-Counsel, U.S. Attorney


  • University of Oregon School of Law (JD), Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

  • University of Washington, Political Science (BS), Seattle, Washington, U.S.A


  • Cho & Partners, Associate Attorney, Seoul, Korea

  • Kim & Chang, Law Clerk, Seoul, Korea


  • Washington State Bar

  • Member of Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MARQUES)

  • Member of International Trademark Association (INTA)


English, Korean

스크린샷 2018-10-25 오후 8.44.36.png

Yong Jin Yoon

technical advisor, Ph.D.



  • Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.) (2009)

  • Stanford University, Electrical Engineering (M.S.) (2008)

  • Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering (M.S.) (2005)

  • Korea University, Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) (2000)


  • KAIST, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering (8/2018 ~ present)

  • Kyunghee Univ., Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate School of Technology Management (3/2018 ~ present)

  • Nanyang Technology University, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, (1/2010 ~ 8/2018)

  • Korea IT Cooperation Center in Singapore, External Business Advisor (10/2017~ Present)


  • Korean Society of Precision Engineering, Associate Fellow, (1/2016 ~ Present)

  • Korean Society of Precision Engineering, Board Member of Green Manufacturing, (1/2016 ~ Present)

  • Korean Society of Precision Engineering, Board Member for the Committee of Precision Manufacturing Processes in 3D Printing Technology, (1/2016 ~ Present)

  • Korean Society of Precision Engineering, Board Member for the International Committee of 3D Printing User’s Forum (6/2016 ~ Present)

  • Stanford University, Research Fellow (10/2009 ~ 1/2010)

  • Stanford University, Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering (3/2004 ~ 9/2009)

  • Stanford University, Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering (3/2004 ~ 9/2009)